The creation and sale of handicrafts is an activity carried out by our sister organization Mesikuira.

Formed by a large number of women Ngäbe of the community, they have a two-story home on the very edge of the road between Punta Pena and Almirante, at the entrance of Silico Creek.

Besides being the workplace and administrative headquarters of the group, it is also the center of exhibition and sales, not only of their products but also for those left on consignment by artisans from neighboring communities, then fulfilling a very important social function.

On the ground floor of that building you can see on display and sale many different kinds of handicrafts, from traditional chácaras or backpacks made in pita, a vegetable fiber of the region, to the beads, necklaces of colored beads with geometrical designs.

Also, worth mentioning bracelets, also bead, and naguas, traditional dresses of fabric of various colors and strips with geometric designs, used with great pride by Ngäbe women.

Prices are very reasonable and depend heavily on how difficult the making of each work. For example, the manufacture of a chácara made with pita and painted with natural colors, it takes several days of work.