Lodging & Meals

Besides offering various tours we have ecological cabins made with the typical Ngäbe design using local materials. We have six bedrooms, four singles and two doubles with basic amenities for our visitors. There is a simple kitchen and dining room shared between the cabins.

Our cabins are located on a hill overlooking the forest and mountains, in a perfect place to relax and rest surrounded by the sounds of nature in a natural ecological environment, as well as to see birds like the urari and, hopefully, some toucans.

Alternatively, we offer the possibility of staying with a local Ngäbe family to experience the opportunity to share this experience during the stay in Silico Creek.

Lodge at Urari cabins: $15 per person per night
Lodge with a local family: $10 per person per night.

Recomendations: Bring bug repelant spray, coat, slippers, hiking shoes, flashlights, tablets to disinfect water (although the water we drink is safe it is recommended as a precaution bring disinfectant)

You can bring canned or nonperishable food since we do not have electricity, however, URARI can provide food service where you can taste the typical dishes of the Ngäbe culture made by women of the community whose specialty is kitchen and all at very accessible prices.